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Aurora can recover your erased and lost files

Aurora Data Recovery are experts at recovering erased files. We can recover data that has been intentionally or unintentionally erased.

  • Have you erased important files such as emails, documents (pdf-document, word-document, excel-document), pictures, photographs (JPEG-files, GIF-files, PNG-files, PSD-files) or folders by accident ?
  • An accident with redwine, beer or soda on your laptop ? This happens daily !
  • Have you emptied the recycle bin and realized that you needed those erased files afterwards ?
  • Has your computer stopped working or crashed and made important files disappear ?
  • Is your harddisk infected by a computer virus which has erased important files or emails ?
  • Have you by mistake formated the wrong hard disk or partition while for example, reinstalling ?
  • Do you hear a clicking sound from your hard disk and need to save files ?
  • Has a partition disappeared ?

Even when you have deleted a file or folder or emptied the recycle bin, there is a good chance that Aurora can recover your data. The data can be hidden and marked as empty space until the hard drive overwrites it with new files. Therefore it is important that when you lose data or files, do not use the hard drive so your data becomes overwritten, this will increase our chances of recovering your erased files.

When the accident occurs:

  • Turn off your computer immediately to not risk getting data overwritten or erased.
  • Do not use the hard disk, do not even have it turned on. Even if you do not use the hard disk actively, your operative system may still write files to it when you are unaware.
  • Do not try to recreate or recover your erased files or folders on your own if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Call us for free guidance.
  • Never open your hard disk. It will only pollute the hard disk and make the data recovery more difficult.
  • Read our Data recovery information page or our Main page to find out more about the data recovery process.
  • After you have read all the necessary information and want us to help you recover your data - fill in a recovery form or call us for more information if you have any questions.

Aurora Data Recovery Experter